Aviso legal

1. Legal information

The data identificativos and of contact with the headlines of the website www.atabernadecunqueiro.com, are the following:


Domicile: C/ Estrella 22, A Coruña


Email address of contact:

Ruled activity:

2. Object and field of application

2.1.- By means of this Legal notice establish the general conditions of use that regulate the access, navigation and use of the website www.atabernadecunqueiro.com, (from now on, Website), as well as the derivative responsibilities of the utilisation of his contents. Incidentally, the provision of determinate services or activities in the frame of the Website will be able to remain likewise subjected to other particular conditions that could establish and that, in his case, substitute, complement and/or modify the general conditions of use of this Legal notice.

2.2.- This Website is a service that atabernadecunqueiro.com puts to disposal of the users of Internet with informative purpose, being able to effect anytime and without prior notice the modifications that consider timely in his design, configuration and contents.

2.3.- The access and use of this Website attributes to the visitor the condition of USER and involves his acceptance of full form and without reservation, from said access and/or use, of all and each one of the instructions for use that atabernadecunqueiro.com include in this Legal notice, in the version published in the moment in that it access to the same. In this sense, will understand by USER to the person that access, sail, use or participate in the services and activities developed in the Website.

2.4.- The USER forces to do a correct use of the Website, of compliance with the applicable laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of the traffic and the present Legal notice, answering in front of atabernadecunqueiro.com and in front of third of any one damages and damages that could cause like consequence of the incumplimiento of said obligation.

3. Access and utilisation of the Website

3.1.- The access to this Website is free and free, save regarding the cost of connection of the network of telecommunications supplied by the operator hired by each USER.

3.2.- The USER assumes the responsibility of the use of the Website. Therefore, the USER forces to use the contents of diligent form, responsible and lawful and, in particular, engages to not to employ them for, amongst other uses:
Use false identities, or suplantar the identity of other users in the utilisation of the Website or of his services.

Enter in the network computer viruses or realise susceptible performances to alter, damage, interrupt or generate errors or damages in the electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of atabernadecunqueiro.com or of third people, as well as hinder the access of other users to the Website and to his services by means of the massive consumption of the computer resources through which atabernadecunqueiro.com loan his services.

Try access and, in his case, use the accounts of email of other users.
Reproduce, copy, distribute, put to disposal or of any another forms to communicate publicly, transform or modify the contents of the Website, with commercial ends, in any support and by any half technician, without the previous permission and expresses of the title of the corresponding rights.
Enter or incorporate like a business activity or own professional the contents and/or services presented in this Website.

Vulnerar Any one intellectual property rights or industrial derived of the contents of the Website.

Use the contents and/or the information of any class obtained through this Website to realise advertising or promotional activities, remit advertising of any class and communications with available ends or others of commercial nature, or for recopilar, commercialise or spread of any way said information.

Use this Website, or the contents and/or services in the obtained, for the realisation of contrary activities to the law, to the morals, to the good habits or to the public order, with ends or illicit effects, forbidden or lesivos of rights and interests of third.

3.3.- atabernadecunqueiro.com It reserves the right to interrupt anytime and without prior notice the access to the Website, as well as to interrupt the provision of any one or of all the services that loan through east, already was by technical reasons, of security, or by any another cause.

4. Personal data protection

4.1.- atabernadecunqueiro.com It engages to the treatment of the personal data of respectful way with the rights of his headlines, and of compliance to the rule of data protection that find in force in each moment.
4.2.- In the section “Warnings of privacy” of the Website puts to permanent disposal of the USER the legal information or corresponding privacy policy to the distinct treatments of data carried out by atabernadecunqueiro.com in relation to the management of data of users of the web, followers in social networks or candidates.

4.3.- In the case that the USER fill voluntarily any one of the on-line forms of collected of available data in the Website, to access to some of his services or contents, engages to provide exact and truthful data, as well as to communicate to atabernadecunqueiro.com any modification of these. I save in case to indicate on purpose the contrary, the data requested in our forms are necessary to be able to give course to his application.

Anyway, in the corresponding on-line form of collected of personal data of the USER will include a link to the corresponding warning of privacy that will be of application to the treatment of the personal data provided. The acceptance expresses by the USER of the corresponding warning of privacy will be necessary so that it have by filled the form and can complete the process of sending. The content of said privacy policy will be able to be object of modification to adapt it to legislative changes that can produce, as well as to criteria and positions issued by the Authorities of competent Data protection.

4.4.- If an USER facilitated personal data of other physical people, forces to fulfil, in relation to said data, those that obligations derive of the rule of data protection in force, and in particular the duty to inform and to obtain the consent of the title of the personal data. 4.5.- It does not allow that the minors of 13 years facilitate his personal data through the Website, being necessary the previous permission expresses of his parents or tutors. Anyway, this Website does not head to lower of age.

5. Copyright and industrial

5.1.- atabernadecunqueiro.com It is headline or licenciatario of the rights of exploitation of copyright and industrial of this Website, as well as of the available contents in the same. All the rights reserved.
5.2.- The mark Atabernadecunqueiro has been properly requested in the Spanish Office of Patents and Marks, and to this application has been assigned the TITLE OF REGISTER OF MARK, number 3732622 being of application said application the had in the Law of Marks 17/2001, of 7 December.

5.3.- In no case it will understand that the access and navigation of the USER in the Website involves a renunciation, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of said rights by part of atabernadecunqueiro.com, neither that confers to the USER any right of utilisation, translation, adaptation, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication, with commercial ends, of said contents, without the previous and expresses permission of atabernadecunqueiro.com or of the title of the rights affected. The incumplimiento of the previous will empower to atabernadecunqueiro.com or to the headlines of the corresponding rights to interpose the pertinent legal actions.

5.4.- The distribution, modification, cession or public communication of the contents and any another act that have not been on purpose authorised by the headline of the rights of exploitation, remain forbidden.

6. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

6.1.- The content of this Website has informative purpose and of creation of a channel of communication with the USERS, without that his contents can consider like exhaustive advice on any one matters. atabernadecunqueiro.com It does not guarantee fully the access to all the contents, neither his exhaustividad, correction, force or actuality, neither his idoneidad or utility for a specific aim. atabernadecunqueiro.com Exclude, until where allow the law, any responsibility by the damages and damages of all nature derived of, to title enunciativo and no limitativo: errors or omissions in the contents, fault of availability of the Website, or the transmission of virus or wanton programs or lesivos in the contents. Nevertheless, atabernadecunqueiro.com it declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, inside his possibilities and of the state of the technology, to guarantee the operation of the Website and avoid the existence and transmission of virus and other harmful components to the USERS.

6.2.- atabernadecunqueiro.com It does not do responsible by the utilisation that the USER realise of the services and contents of the Website. The USER recognises and accepts that the utilisation of the Website, as well as of his services and contents, realises under his exclusive risk and responsibility.

6.3.- The USER will be only responsible of the contributions and comments that realise in this Website, especially through his Blog, reserving atabernadecunqueiro.comel Right to withdraw of the same those that, to his criterion, consider no appropriate and not to doing us manager of the comments in him poured by the USERS.

7. Links

7.1.- In the case that in the Website had links or hipervínculos to other places of Internet, atabernadecunqueiro.com will not exert any control on said places and contents. In no case atabernadecunqueiro.com it will assume responsibility any by the contents of the extraneous websites linked, neither will guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, amplitude, veracity, lawfulness or validity of any material or information contained in any of said hipervínculos or other places of Internet. In this sense, if the USERS had effective knowledge of the ilicitud of activities developed through these pages web of third linked, will have to communicate it immediately to atabernadecunqueiro.com to the effects that it proceed to deshabilitar the link of access to the same.

7.2.- Equally, the inclusion of any type of link by part of atabernadecunqueiro.com to other places of Internet does not involve that it exist any type of relation, association, collaboration or dependency between atabernadecunqueiro.com and the headline of the extraneous website.

8. Right of exclusion

atabernadecunqueiro.com reserves the right to denegar or withdraw the access to this Website and/or to the contents and services offered in the same, without need of preaviso, to those USERS that break the present general conditions of use or the individuals that could establish.

9. Generalities

9.1.- In case to exist discrepancy between the established in these general conditions of use and the particular conditions of each specific service, will prevail the had in these last.
9.2.- If any disposal or content of this Legal notice was declared invalid or inapplicable, in everything or partly, by means of firm resolution by a Court or competent Court, said nullity or inaplicación will not affect to the remaining disposals of the instructions for use, that will conserve his validity to all the effects.

9.3.- The no exercise or execution by part of atabernadecunqueiro.com of any right or disposal contained in these instructions for use will not constitute a renunciation to the same, except recognition and agreement of east by writing.
9.4.- atabernadecunqueiro.com It will be able to modify in everything or partly and anytime the here determinate conditions, and said modifications will have force from the same moment of his publication in this Website.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The relations established between, like titling of this Website, and the USER, will govern by the had in the relative valid rule to the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction. Nevertheless, for the cases in that the normative foresee the possibility that the parts subject to a fuero, atabernadecunqueiro.comy The USER, with renunciation expresses to any another fuero that it could correspond them, subject to the Courts and Courts of the city of A Coruña.

11. Rights:

Right of Access: You has right to know if they are treating his data and to receive this information by writing through the half requested.

Right of Rectification: You has right to request the rectification of his data if these went inaccurate or incomplete.

You has right to request the supresión of his data when, amongst other reasons: His data no longer are necessary for the ends that were collected
Withdraw his consent for the treatment.
oponga To the treatment and do not prevail other legitimate reasons

His data had been treated illicitly

His data have to suppress by legal obligation.

It will have to take into account that the right of supresión remains limited when it exist legal obligation of retention or blockade of his data.

In determinate circumstances, the interested will be able to request the limitation of the treatment of his data, in whose case only will conserve them for the exercise or the defence of claims, the protection of third or by reasons of important public interest.

In determinate circumstances and by reasons related with his particular situation, You will be able to oponerse to the treatment of his data. The manager will leave to treat the data, save by legitimate reasons imperiosos, or the exercise or the defence of possible claims.

When the treatment of his data was based in the consent or was necessary for the execution of an agreement or precontrato and effect by means automated, You will have right to the portabilidad of his data, that is to say, to that deliver him in format structured, of common use and mechanical reading, even to remit them to a new responsible.

Any interested will be able to present a claim in front of the Authority of competent Control in matter of Data protection, especially when it have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of his rights and the form to put in contact with her would be to direct a writing to Spanish Agency of Personal Data protection in C/Jorge Juan n.Or 6, 28001 Madrid or through his electronic headquarters in www.agpd.es

The models for the application of the exercise of his rights will be able to request them by writing to the direction

Of the responsible and even will be able to obtain them in the electronic headquarters of the Authority of control in www.agpd.es and will have to be remitted the postal address or electronics of the responsible.